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        Public nodes

        Public RPC endpoints are not intended for dApp building.
        Please use private / dedicated RPC servers when you launch your application, drop NFTs, etc.
        *  : Archive Nodes


      Global (recommended) Automagically connects to faster nodes based on latency.

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      South Korea

        Private nodes

        We provide private / dedicated nodes as well. See other private node providers, or just
        with us!

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        You can sync with chaindata from the checksum, and believe us, it’s way faster than syncing from zero.
        Choose the location nearest from you.


      wget -O - | lz4 -d | tar -xvf -

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        Sick of downloading snapshot files? StateSync is a way to rapidly bootstrap new nodes by restoring state machine snapshots. Try StateSyncing your node with All That Node! By doing so, you can reduce the amount of time required to join the network from days to minutes or hours.


      StateSync does not currently backfill historical blocks, so the node will have a truncated block history.
      Learn more >

      • Step 0.
      • All That Node StateSync

      All That Node provides StateSync Snapshots for every 2000 blocks. If you're facing difficulty connecting to peers, try adding to persistent_peers

      • Step 1.
      • Configure config.toml

      Enable StateSync by inserting the following information in $OSMOSIS_HOME/config/config.toml

          loading ...

          Node Map

          Displays the locations of nodes by date. The location is displayed based on the IP address, and some hidden nodes are not displayed. (In particular, the validator nodes are behind the Sentry node so they are not visible)

          Node maps
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