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    Come build the multi-chain future.
    No cost. No hassle. Unlimited potential.

    Powered by DSRV

    • More diversity

      than any other service platform.

      More support

      with ready-to-use, prebuilt
      sample codes.

      More efficiency

      by automatically connecting you
      to the nearest node server.

    • Less energy

      spent managing infrastructure
      on your own.

      Less time

      wasted developing for multiple

      No expense

      to build the future.

    • What we do

      Node Platform

      All That Node is DSRV’s one-stop solution
      for running a network of secure, multi-chain
      nodes across multiple leading blockchain

      Built by validators, our product has enterprise-
      grade security and a top-notch uptime. You
      can leave node management to us, while you
      focus on creating.


        (not) just a Node

        Nodes are the

        smallest unit

        something. Like the
        smallest unit of data
        in a graph. And since
        blockchain is
        decentralized and
        composed of millions
        of nodes, it’s secure
        against any single
        point of failure. Our
        strength is in
        Nodes are like 


        to blockchain devs.
        When your node
        runs well, you don’t
        feel a thing. When it
        stops, you becomes
        uncomfortably aware
        of it. Not to mention
        the significant
        financial loss.
        For blockchain development,
        nodes are the fundamental unit.

        Utterly essential. Not just
        a node.

      • How it works

        Just like

        We run distributed nodes for you,
        so that you can focus on you.

        And with All That Node’s API key,
        you can easily interact with the

      • All That Node provides
        sophisticated HA (high-availability)
        infrastructure for a max uptime
      • 24/7
        Our 24/7 enterprise-grade monitoring system
        keeps an eye on nodes to make sure they are
        functioning properly.

        Our load balancer automatically distributes
        requests among servers based on geolocation,
        allowing faster access to the node API.

        FAILOVEROur failover system is connected to the load
        balancer, and can take over immediately to
        ensure your service remains operational.

      • Designed for developers

      • The Easiest
        Node API

      • Prebuilt sample codes

        Boost your development with sample codes.

        Learn more about samples

        All networks at once

        Simply create a project to gain access
        to the mainnet and all testnets. Move
        seamlessly between networks using
        our all-in-one API key.